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History Adapted from Gazetteer and Business Directory of Franklin and Clinton Counties 1862-3

Champlain was formed march 7, 1788. Chateaugay (Franklin County) was taken off in 1799, and Mooers and Chazy in 1804. It is the northeast corner town of Clinton County and lies upon Lake Champlain. Its surface is generally level with a slight elevation towards the lake. The Great Chazy or Champlain River flows in a winding course, nearly twice through the town and discharges its waters into King’s Bay. It is navigable to Champlain village for light vessels. Point a Fer and Stony Point are two capes projecting into the lake.

Champlain Village is upon the Chazy river near the north line of the town. Rouses Point, named from Jacques Rouse, a Canadian who settled here in 1783, is upon the lake in the northeast corner of the town. Fort Montgomery is situated about one mile north of the village upon the banks of the lake.

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Nearby Lake Champlain was an important military and trade route during the colonial period. The lake and the town were named in honor of Samuel de Champlain, who first surveyed the area in 1609. It was part of Canada until 1763, and became part of the United States in 1783.

The town was formed in 1788, the same year the county was established. In 1799, the town was reduced by the formation of the Town of Chateaugay (now in Franklin County). The founding of the towns of Chazy and Mooers in 1804 further reduced Champlain.

Champlain is on the border with Canada and contains three border crossings: Champlain, Overton Corners, and Rouses Point. The Champlain Port of Entry on Interstate 87 is one of the four most important commercial gateways on the northern border, connecting Quebec Autoroute 15 from Montreal to New York City.

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Population: 5754 people

Total Households: 2494

As of the 2010 Census According to the Census Bureau