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Town Supervisor: Thomas Trombley | [email protected]
Secretary/Bookkeeper: Sara Gonyo | [email protected]

Town of Champlain Energy Benchmark Reports

News and Notice

If you interested in either Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts or 4H please contact the numbers below.
Boy Scout contact info :  Monique Lepage  518-565-7688
Girl Scout contact info :  518-563-1560
Clinton County 4H info:  518-561-7480

The Town Clerk/Tax Collector goes to lunch between 1-2 each day.  Her office is closed at that time.

The Town of Champlain has Covid test, masks available along with Mosquito Dunks – please stop by the Town office if you need some.

The Town of Champlain is collecting christmas cards for the Elderly.  If you would like to donate.  Please drop your unused christmas cards off at the Town office by 11/28.